23/3/2020 BVLOS defibrillator delivery in UK airspace

SwiftFlight, Snowdonia Aerospace and the University of Manchester worked together on a UK Space Agency funded project. This resulted in the first UK demonstration of emergency healthcare provision using a BVLOS fixed-wing unmanned aircraft. Snowdonia Aerospace worked closely with the UK CAA to enable this BVLOS operation and managed the project at their large test Facility in North Wales. The SwiftFlight T200 autopilot was used to perform the mission and to sequence the drop. The defibrillator was supplied by Schiller UK and deployed using a custom release-enclosure designed by SwiftFlight.

The demonstration has gained press coverage across a number of sources:

BBC Click 2/5/2020



Defibrillator drop Llanbedr

15/6/2018 SFAL provide MAGMA avionics and integration service

SwiftFlight delivers integrated avionics package to Manchester University for MAGMA aircraft. This was required to meet specifications for control surface actuation, air-data, communication, flight control, inertial navigation, power supply distribution, battery systems as well as telemetry and logging, .The avionics package comprised integrating SwiftFlight products with number of components from key suppliers. The vehicle and systems are presently being used for aerodynamic concept evaluation and demonstration,

1/5/2018 MAGMA airframe delivery

SwiftFlight delivers composite airframe structure to Manchester University for novel demonstrator. This vehicle was designed by two high-achieving aerospace engineering PhD students, who also produced the prototype in 2017. A second vehicle was required for demonstration of novel aerodynamic controls and SFAL were contracted to provide the bare airframe structure. The structure was produced using out-of-autoclave processing techniques and had stringent mass requirements. The structure was 95% Glass/Epoxy 5% Carbon/Epoxy.

20/3/2017 SFAL autopilot selected for Manchester University technology demonstrator

Manchester University have a long history of research into low-observable aircraft with novel control systems. The T200 autopilot was selected by Manchester to provide data-logging and telemetry for flight testing.


14/8/2016 SFAL select Fruity-Chutes for external parachute enclosure

A parachute system is ideal for UAV applications that require the ability to perform a safe flight-termination. SFAL have developed an externally mounted parachute enclosure and release system for the UAVFactory Penguin series of aircraft. This enclosure is fail-safe, so releases the parachute on electrical or command failure. Fruity-Chutes were selected as the parachute supplier and provided drogue, chute and harnesses.


13/6/2016 SFAL invest in new in-house CNC machining capabilities

In order to provide high quality components at short lead-times, SFAL have decided to invest in CNC machining capabilities. HAAS automation were selected as the supplier of a 4 axis vertical machining center. This has been commissioned and setup for part production.


10/4/2016 SFAL offer UAVFactory Penguin integration packages

Swiftflight have been working with UAVFactory products for a number of years. The Penguin is a high quality vehicle ideal for low altitude medium endurance UAV applications. We are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive suite of avionics products for the Penguin B and BE vehicles. These are available in the form of turn-key aircraft, or as a kit of components to suit customer requirements.