Flight Control

SwiftFlight offer configurable flight control products off-the-shelf for experienced customers.  However, in many cases, we find our technical involvement can lead to further optimisation. A bespoke solution can often provide added-value and faster results. We offer the following services for flight control:

  • Simulation and numerical modelling services
  • Custom control law architectures
  • Custom state logic implementation for unusual functions (e.g., sequencing undercarriage or safety functions)
  • Custom guidance or navigation functions
  • Custom device integration (e.g., novel sensors or actuators)
  • Integration of customer code running on our hardware/firmware

Vehicle Testing

UAV testing is a specialist field involving a number of disciplines. Through our experience testing products, we are able to offer the following services for UAV developers:

  • Wind tunnel testing
    • Planning, analysis and reporting
    • Competitive rates in large 5m closed-return open-jet tunnel
  • Flight trial testing
    • Operational planning, Pilots, Airfield hire, CAA permissions
    • Flight test analysis and reporting