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Spectrum SPM9645 interface board

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This device enables Spectrum 2.4GHz DSMX receivers (SPM9645) to be connected to the F200 flight control unit. DSMX receivers can be used for manual control of a vehicle near the landing site.

Importantly, the SI_TX enables the transmission of the receiver data over extended cable runs on-board the UAV by converting it's signal from LVCMOS to RS232 signalling. This enables the SPM9645+SI_TX to be located at a wingtip and safely communicate with the F200 with up to 10m of cabling. The SI_TX also supplies regulated power to the SPM9645 receivers.

Two satellite receivers can be attached to each SI_TX interface board. The SI_TX board has the following features:

  • Input Supply 5.0-8.5v
  • Two outputs using RS232 levels
  • Connection for two SPM9645 inputs