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F200 Flight Control Unit


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The F200 flight control unit (FCU) is designed specifically for 5-100Kg unmanned aircraft. The F200 features the following capabilities: 

  • Automatic Flight through way-points
  • Flightpath vectoring mode
  • Multiple safety features for loss of link and other failures
  • RC pilot mode 
  • On-board logging
  • Parameter based vehicle configuration settings
  • High rate telemetry for GCS pilot control
  • Low rate telemetry for GCS state monitoring
  • Payload control

The F200 hardware is manufactured in the UK and Germany to high standards and is assembled into a sealed aluminium enclosure. The FCU design has been optimised for minimum mass, while still maintaining outstanding environmental protection, thermal and EMC performance. The hardware has the the following interfaces and specification: 

  • Data Interfaces:  
    • Serial Interface    
      • Air data (A825-Px) interface
      • Communications (ACU-868) interface
      • INU interface
      • Iridium satellite communications interface
      • Payload/gimbal interface
    • Pilot Input Interface  
      • Two inputs for SPECTRUM remote receivers.
    • Actuator Output    
      • Twelve PWM outputs. 1.0-2.0ms 5.0v PWM, 50Hz update.
      • RS485 Volz servo output available on request.
    • General Purpose I/O    
      • Two RPM inputs 
  • Power: 
    • Power Input: 6.5 – 18.0 VDC
    • Current Consumption: Typically 130mA @ 7.4VDC
  • Mechanical:
    • Mass: 135g
    • Dimensions: 106.0x64.0x27.0mm

The F200 is supplied with the following components:

  • 1x Flight Control Unit
  • 4x M3 mounting fasteners
  • 2x 30-pin Connector